How to proactively bring more God encounters into your life

Last week, I went to the Holy Thursday mass. My church has really good music to begin with and yet they managed to take kick it up to a whole new level as the singing felt Angelic and the instruments heavenly. Almost like I was in a different dimension …. And oh yes … I did a lot of tearing up.

Interestingly enough, over the next few days I found myself just sitting, remembering the music in my head and being teleported back to that very same divine place I felt during the Thursday’s service. So much so that I even started to feel guilty. I thought to myself, shouldn’t I be working on something instead of day dreaming?

This got me thinking. First of all, isn’t it interesting how when I’m having self-critical thoughts, I don’t feel guilty? I mean I have grown a lot, and yet still at some level, me beating myself up feels like I’m doing something about the problems I’m facing. On the flip side, when I’m having divine experiences outside of church, I feel like I should be doing something more productive.

That reminded me how I’ve heard many athletes say they are at their best when they are in the zone. A state when time slows down and everything becomes clear…

Well what would happen if I, just like an elite athlete, proactively brought myself into a sense of awe, by using cues such as the incredible music I mentioned earlier?  This way I wouldn’t be at the mercy of accidently stumbling into supernatural experiences whenever they may come … Or worse yet, allowing the everyday worries drown them out to begin with.

For now, I started with whenever I’m walking around the work area. As I look around, I take myself back to the times I felt an awe of being connected to my Creator. With that feeling in the foreground, I realize just how much holiness is present in what up until now, I overlooked as background.

What gives you a sense of awe? How can you proactively bring more of it into your life? How can you make sure that you follow through?


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