How to rewire your brain to come closer to God

I saw it everywhere. Tons of articles, interviews, podcasts you name it, talking about changing your perception as an absolute and necessary step to changing your reality.

Sounds great in theory, I thought, but how would that work in practice? As a computer science major, I personally experienced the pain of unintentional consequences when you try to fix something that’s not broken … homework assignment … no worries … but your own brain … not so fast perhaps.

So I did, what I think just about any human does when confused … I observed from the sidelines.

Then at some point last year …. I’m not even certain of a month … I started to say “I love you Lord” during my crossift work outs, whenever they become unbearable, as a replacement to my typical inner dialogue of “this sucks,” “am I getting weaker?” “Why is this joint hurting me,” “I can’t believe I’m falling behind,” and the all time classic “I CAN’ BREATHE!!!”

That in itself was helpful, because I shifted my focus from what appeared to be wrong to what’s eternal.

So that was nice, but wait .. there’s more…

Then, I noticed that whenever things got uncomfortable outside of the Corssfit box, like for example, somebody is being too slow, rude or even when I was becoming rude myself for that matter … I found my mind auto-responding by internally declaring “I love you Lord.”

And guess what. Each time, my mind spoke “ I love you Lord,” I found myself responding in the way that I wanted to. The way I was designed to …

How can you use planned discomforts to bring you closer to God AND others during unplanned stress? How will you keep yourself accountable?

Searching for something better? Don’t know what you want? What’s missing?

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