A simple step to transform worry

I’ve had enough experiences to date to realize, that God worked all things for my best. Although some things have taken way longer than expected, hind sight 20/20 the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Most prominent example being relationships. While I wish I could have met my fiancé sooner, we both agreed that had that happened, our relationship wouldn’t be as good. We just simply weren’t ready for each other…

But yet leading up to us coming together, I remember many years of frustration, worry, feeling defective … So many brain cycles wasted beating myself up, beating the world up … producing nothing more than a self-imposed prison sentence.

That got me thinking, if I could give something to my younger self to not waste all that time, what would it be? I realize that this is not a simple answer, but I figure that this blog entry would at least put me on the right path.

Looking back, I’d say the biggest obstacle for me was having a fixed vision of how everything is supposed to happen. For example, if I had a good job and I was on eHarmony for a year, then it means that I should meet my soul mate any time now, because that’s what happens to people who follow the checklist. I’ve done what I thought was supposed to be done and so when the results didn’t materialize, my default assumption was that there is something wrong with this world. Of course, not the self-proclaimed checklist, which shifted ownership away from me and as such became my jail cell.

So what would have helped me to break out faster?

The simple answer would be to step back and focus on what’s eternal. The problem with my checklist was that it was broken compass to an earthly destination. What’s earthly, even if found, will sooner or later perish.

So I’d say to my younger self to not waste time trying to manifest the earthly, but aim to feel the divine. Translation: every time you worry, seek God.

Whether it’s through, prayer, spiritual readings, Adoration or all three combined. It is when I felt God’s presence the most that allowed me to see worry for exactly what it should be … a trigger to check in with the Creator.

As it turns out, that’s actually what I did. It just took me a while. Now, I am that much more determined to step up my efforts … whenever the inevitable doubt cloud passes over.

What areas of your life give you worry? How can you transform it?


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