The transformational power of not enough

“Forrest Gump” is a movie I by far re-watched the most. It just never gets old to me. Not only that, each time I watch it, I still inevitably tear up here or there.

Then I saw “The Greatest Showman” and boy I wish I brought some tissues 😁

I could write a whole series of blogs on what connected with me emotionally, and yet what triggered me to write this entry was a CNN interview with one of the stars who “fought tooth and nail with myself to sing” one of the viral songs that came from the film.

I thought to myself, this is such a great movie why would one of its stars be struggling with feeling not enough when performing one of its signature moments?

Obviously I can’t speak for her and so I wondered how that manifests itself in my own life?

I recently spoke with my fiancé at a retreat. As part of preparation, we gave practice talks to the other speakers. When I gave mine, for some reason it didn’t feel right. It just didn’t flow as it typically would when I speak from the heart.

In the talk I openly shared the struggles I went through and so as is with every time we expose ourselves, the doubts of “am I enough?” crept in.

I began to worry if this is a sign that I’m missing something … or am even supposed to be doing this in the first place?

Then the most awesome thing happened. Right before our talk, other staff members prayed over us. I don’t remember what they said, but I’ll never forget how the doubts disappeared and how great I felt afterwards.

So I can’t help but conclude …. if I don’t feel “not enough” every so often, then it probably means that my faith muscles are weakening.

And when I’m feeling “not enough”, it’s time to pray … and as is with any prayer … for best results, pray with a community.

How does not enough show up in your life? How can you use it to grow your faith?


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