Love versus passion    

One of the most common questions that inevitably pops up in a career-type discussion is: what are you passionate about? For a long time I thought that was a good data point, but now I feel like it’s actually counterproductive.

To me, passion implies a very strong feeling. Very commonly connected with sex and so is lust really good decision making tool?

Then you might say, just substitute the word passion with love and call it a day…

Yes, love is more appropriate, but how many of you thought you were in love at some point, but yet it proved to be a mere infatuation down the line?

So I’ll take love, but will want to get clear on the definition: consistently intending and choosing what’s best for the other.

Sure, initially when we are infatuated, it’s easy to do things for others to get on their good side and so that’s why the consistency portion of this definition is very important.

What about selfishness? I see a lot of advice out there like, from example, Tom Bileyu to be selfish first so that you actually have something to give. Or being selfish is desirable, because then we all know what we’re in for and don’t have to waste time guessing or making decisions based on wrong assumptions.

At logical level I totally get it. Yet my heart doesn’t feel right. I know you can counter argue, for example, that consistently choosing what’s best for the other could result in running on empty.

I agree. That’s why it’s a process of listening to your heart and checking to see if what you’re doing makes you feel like you are part of something bigger. A divine awe; An environment where it’s much easier to make choices, based on what brings more thriving love into your life … That’s how you’ll know your wants and God’s wants are overlapping.

And when you are in agreement with God … you can’t drive on empty.

However, if you come from the selfish place, you still might get there, but might miss a path of greater love along the way.

And that’ not a risk I’m willing to take

What are you passionate about? What feeds your love?


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