Headlights and New Year Resolutions

It’s hard not to think about 2018 and, at least at some point, think about new beginnings. I get it. In fact, that’s me know J New Year shouldn’t be the driver, but in a way it is, because so many mediums and conversations bring it right up.

While in the Army and Corporate America, I lived and breathed in an ecosystem of specific numbers that had to be hit. Again, I get it. There is a time and place for that … no doubt.

So I just sat down and worked on mine. I struggled … I struggled because I feel like I am still in a bit of an exploration stage and I felt that if I made my goals too specific, then with my logical mind … which still hasn’t seen the future … I’d be biasing them towards what I think future should look like … and thus limiting the upside.

Ok. How do I proceed then?

For this year, I chose to go with the headlight visibility concept. This is nothing more than listing specific goals for the next three months followed by a list of ideas that I want to look into at some point in the year.

The reason why I love the headlight analogy is because I know where I want to go, which is bringing more love into my life. How it will exactly look like? I am not quite sure, except the immediate stretch of the road, my mind can fathom … the three months directly in front of me.

Then there are behaviors. I listed four behaviors I feel conflicted about and as such want to transform. They are all judgment driven, but not in a way you might necessarily think. For example, I want to shift from mostly consuming, to mostly creating … I have a feeling this will end up being a blog post soonJ

But wait … there’s more.

For the first time in my life, I shared my personal goals with another person. My fiancé. It was totally accidental and uncomfortable, but yet I did. I am glad though, because I know it will be helpful.

Do you have personal goals? How does the process you use feel to you? How can you adjust it so it feels more natural?


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