Knowing without knowing

Just like last year, I continued my Christmas tradition of writing a letter to my parents, both of whom have passed away during this Holiday season. For those of you that might be new to my blog, it’s nothing more than a snapshot of how I view my past year and where I think I’m headed next.

Just like last year, also, the main source of insight was reading the previous year’s letters.

In particular I couldn’t help but notice how in my 2015 letter, which was my lowest low, I wrote “My intuition tells me, it’s only going to be up from here”. Turned out to be extremely true and so it made me wonder, how … contrary to all the physical evidence … I knew it to be true.

What is intuition really? I spent about an hour googling the topic and none of the answers really resonated with me entirely. This told me that I want to come up with my own definition so that I can continue to grow in my discernment capability.

Is it a gut feel? Maybe … but it just doesn’t feel right to say that I am being guided by my digestive system … way too primal for me 🤣

Instead, I choose to believe that my intuition comes from the Holy Spirit.

Why the Holy Spirit?

For starters it’s a feeling that has no direct stimulant. Could the stimulant be some kind of a previous experience or knowledge such as an inspiring sermon by Joe Osteen (as an example)?

In my 2015 letter, there was no personal precedent so experience is out.  When it comes to knowledge it’s a bit trickier, because I did consume a lot of inspirational material and so it’s entirely possible I rewired myself to think more positively as a result.

However, I am sticking to the Holy Spirit, because back then, in that letter, I compared my difficulties to a time in a desert. A place so desolate, one has no distractions and thus no choice but to get back to the basics. The basics being a realization that I can’t out logic logic and following the divinely connected heart is the only way to experience the awe of being connected to something far beyond myself.

How do you know without knowing? What do you call it? Where does it come from?


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  1. Sorry to hear about your parents passing… Your idea of writing a letter to them every year really moved me – for me it looks like continuous cherishing and maintaing deep connection with them.

    I believe that we have all answers to our questions about own lives right within us (hmmm, I wonder where my blog’s name came from … 😉 ). All we need to do is to access that place and listen. Perhaps it’s somewhere there, within us, where we’re all connected and where real wisdom originates from. Personally I don’t mind how it’s called: intuition, gut feeling, Holy Sprit, God, the Universe as long as I’m able to access this place, listen and learn.

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