Finding love at work

The other day I was attending a quarterly update meeting for my department, which for the longest I labeled, in my mind, as a dog and pony show of self-promotion.

This time around, for whatever reason, I dug in deeper.

For example, as I watched a good friend of mine talk about his project, I began to wonder … could I do that? And by wondering if I could do that, I don’t mean technically, but could I project a genuine passion for my work as my friend did.

The short and obvious answer is No.

So I looked back at the nearly 10 year career with my corporation, particularly the times where I put in the extra work … which on the surface probably passed as being passionate. The more I thought about it though, at the root of it all, was my desire to feel valuable. Nothing wrong with that desire per se, but by itself, it can only get you so far.

I can’t believe it took me this long to become aware of this, but for me, the subconscious projection became that if I saw someone putting in a lot of work, I assumed they were trying extra hard to get validation.

This train of thought totally breaks down with my friend, who I know actually loves his work. I mean he even has spreadsheets that help him figure out the optimal time to take vacation days 🤓

So what’ the lesson re-learned over here? For me, it’s reminder how judging others is a sign that something within me is out of alignment. My time is much better spend figuring out how that mis-alignment is preventing me from bringing more love into my life rather than projecting how others are doing it “all wrong”

How do you view your co-workers? When you notice judgment, what does it tell about you?


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