A better way to visualize future

If we all saw the future results of our choice … wouldn’t we ALL make much better choices? Right?

So interestingly enough, the other day I saw a video where a guy was facing a series of decisions. After a bit of hesitation, fear got the best of him and in each instance, he went down the path of least resistance. Following each one of his choices, a TV type host showed up and showed him what he could have had, had he stuck to his guns … love of his life, a lucrative book deal, fit body … you get the picture.

This got me thinking … as well-intentioned as this video was, why did it feel a bit off?

The answer in my case is the focus on getting “the thing”.

I want to say here, it should focus on emotions, but should it? After all, isn’t viewing the future “thing” emotion provoking enough?

Ok … now I got it. I think what made me feel off is the simplification. See, the host just showed him the end result, without the growth that comes from stepping into the unknown. For example, I took steps of courage to ask women out on dates on more than one occasion, but that did not result in me meeting the love of my life … by itself. What took far more courage was the gradual process of shifting the blame for my relationship unhappiness from others to myself … and then actually doing something about it. Frustrating, messy, humbling … all the way until the day the seed showed growth … above the ground.

What helps you make better choices? How can you give below-the-ground growth more splendor?


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