Connecting to something bigger than ourselves

Connecting to something bigger than ourselves
I can’t take full credit for this as the seed was planted when I was watching one of Simon Sinek videos where he talked about a time when he watched “The biggest catch.” In that particular episode the two fierce competitors helped to get a crew member back on board during a fierce storm. When the guy was eventually recovered, they all hugged and started crying like babies … the point being here that you will never get this emotional about closing a multi million dollar deal or saving your company billion dollars.

This definitely touched me, but perhaps because his observation was based on a reality TV show, something kept me back. It could be, because I learned not so long ago that one of my favorite HDTV shows “International House Hunters” is fake. One of the employees at my Yoga studio bought a house first and then was approached by HDTV to film an episode pretending that they were looking at other two properties, before ultimately choosing to buy the one they already owned for a few months. To top it off, she felt like the producer was trying to direct her to fit a B**chy American stereotype:)

So then a week ago, I watched this clip of a man who jumped out to save a child pinned under ISIS sniper fire. When asked by a reporter why he did it … he teared up and said “Love”. Oh by the way, he is not a soldier or even a Red Cross worker. He is a volunteer who chose to do this on his own after retirement!

Connecting this with Simon’s original observation, I asked myself a question … what makes me choke up and more importantly … what does this tell me?

I think that the simplest explanation for me is when I’m experiencing humanity at its finest. A reminder that we were designed for so much more and how one simple action of pure love can resonate way farther than expected constraints dictate.

What does this tell me then? It tells me that this is a place where I want to go more often to help me snap out of the daily grind and sense an entirely different possibility picture. See things not for what they are but for what they could be … or better yet, what they are meant to be.

What makes you choke up? What does it tell you about yourself?

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