Beauty in Acceptance

We are the only creatures on this planet who have the gift of imagination. No one really knows where it comes from, but it’s yet another aspect of humanity that makes each one of us infinitely unique. After all, at any given moment, we can picture our future selves and then start taking the necessary steps to making that vision a reality. That indeed can be a beautiful thing …

It’s always a joy to witness kids unapologetically make full use of their imagination. My favorite is to ask who they want to be when they grow up. Nothing’s off the table. Frequently even sky is not the limit. But yet at some point imagination became a liability for me. As I became older my predictability lust started to feel threatened by imagination. I mean, it’s much safer to assume no alternatives are possible. Then there’s always a fear of failure.

That’s where acceptance came into play for me. Not the waiving of the white flag I always thought it to be, but a re-alignment of my interpretations to reality. A courage to admit that in spite of my best intentions, I got it wrong … and that’s actually not such a bad thing, because that means I’m one step closer to where I choose to be.

When I started thinking that way, it’s almost like a whole different dimension became visible to me. Much like seeing what a sunset does to the already magnificent clouds, a brand new level of beauty revealed itself.

I think of this golden masterpiece as a reminder that yet another day is right around the corner. All I need to do is accept things for what they are instead of what they should be so that I can stay open to the inevitable opportunities that tomorrow will bring.

So what are your thoughts on acceptance? Is there an opportunity to reframe?

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  1. Wow, nice logic, indeed is hard to differentiate acceptance from givin up, ’cause it seems if you accept your fate then you can don nothing about it, but it’s the other way around right? It’s just that it’s no that easy to see when it happens.
    Keep up, keep writing!

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