Patterns and Intuition

Patterns are all around us. In fact, making them work for us is what growing is about. We were all born with no preconceived notions and whether learning how to walk, ride a bike, study or behave, much of it all revolves around pattern matching.

Pattern matching seems predictable, feels familiar and with each perfectly logical choice a bit of an automation creep starts to set in. A kind of subconscious habit begins to form. We start to create filters that only let through previously encountered experiences and bypass or dismiss anything else to the contrary. In other words, the very patterns that keep us safe in our everyday environments can also limit our potential.

I’m slowly coming to a conclusion that I might have been over reliant on the wrong side of my brain; well overemphasized one side over the other to say the least. For example, left-brain people are more organized and systematic. Right-brain people are more creative and intuitive. I, for one, have viewed myself as an epitome of logic who laughed off the right-brained as “space cadets” in a desperate need of a reality check. This seemed to work for me fine until it didn’t. A divorce, confusing relationships and an unfulfilling career later, I knew I had no choice but to go back to the drawing board.

So what connects all these bad experiences other than me? The answer is surprisingly simple: My seemingly infallible pattern matching ability. The perfectly logical side of me has consistently bulldozed over my whispering intuition.

This has actually been a very empowering realization. The way I look at it is that if I have ben this successful in life using essentially half of my brain, think about what can happen if I start to leverage my intuition more? I’m not entirely sure, but I can’t wait to find out:)

So which side of brain person are you? How would your life change if you used your less dominant side more?

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  1. I think I’ve learned to use both depending on where I am and what I’m working on per time. As an engineer, the logic has to match and flow from one proven step to the other, well defined process or pattern, no surprises. As a creative writer, sometimes, I’m shocked at what comes out of the same brain. I’m learning to make the most of both I guess.

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