Thriving Love Baby Steps


Best way to reconnect with yourself is to be like a child and do things for the simple joys. For example:

  • Take that yoga class you’ve been wanting to try and forget what other people might think about your flexibility or how you look in yoga pants.
  • Try an Improv class, because you always admired people that could do it, to find out how it would feel for you.
  • Visit nearby state parks if being in nature puts you in the right mood.
  • Make a weekend visit to a theme park to re-live the rides that gave you a blast when you were younger.



If single: break up your typical romantic love pursuit routine (i.e. online dating, or events) and:

  • Do something similar to what is listed under self-love category. 
  • Add to your prayer life 
  • Volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about

If in a relationship:

  • Do a double date with a couple whose relationship aspect you want to emulate
  • Try praying together before a meal
  • Do a retreat together



  • Give yourself a target to give one complement per day
  • Volunteer to help somebody with a task
  • Ask a coworker to lunch (for extra points, pick a co-worker you might not like so much for whatever reason)



  • Call a family member you have never called before
  • Invite a family member to do something together
  • Send a thank you note to a family member who helped you in the past



  • Think of someone you look up to … set up a meeting with him/her
  • Tell your friend how much you appreciate their friendship
  • Invite your friend to keep each other accountable in bring more love into your lives; share success stories as well as challenges



  • Challenge yourself to do at least one random act of kindness per week
  • Invite someone who you think might be open to your spiritual activities (i.e. bible study, prayer group etc)
  • Think of a time when you know God touched your life, share it with someone who is going through something similar. 



  • Begin each prayer by saying “Speak Lord, your servant is listening”
  • Whenever you go through tough time, think of a Bible character who went through something similar and re-read his/her story
  • Think about the times in the past where you felt God’s presence the most. What caused it? How can you do that or something similar more often?

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