The power to relate through stories

  The other day I came across an informal study that tested the impact of ageism. The experiment had two teachers teach a lesson on the same topic, to see which one the students would pick. One young, one old. The old one was super qualified and taught the class without much interaction. The young […]

Visualizing for meaningful connections

I remember even as far back as college where I heard about the tremendous benefits of visualizations. The classic example being olympic gymnasts who imagine themselves performing the routine flawlessly in their mind, before executing it in front of the judges. In fact, multiple athletes cite visualizations as a key enabler of their success. I […]

I choose to stop saying I have to

As part of the Personal Growth Course I’m currently re-reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.” A lot of great nuggets re-discovered. Specifically, in the “Listening to Our Language” section, Stephen R. Covey writes that our language becomes a sell-self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, couldn’t agree more. For example, I scroll to the “Reactive Language” section, […]

No more dinosaur arm raises

Last week a friend of mine gave a great talk on servant leadership at Inspired Leaders. So many great nuggets, yet interestingly enough, the one that stood out the most to me was when Terry asked the room to raise their arms if they are a leader. Because I was in the Army, it’s almost […]

Life giving friendships

This Sunday I went to an Impact a Hero Gala. I was blown away by a story after story of post traumatic growth. Yes, post traumatic growth, not post traumatic stress disorder statistics that I am used to hearing and accepting. For example, there was Sergeant J.P. Lane who had his legs blown off, went […]

Confidence in God’s multiple plans

Last week I went to the Lone Star Veterans Association’s Discussion of Faith and Service. The speakers were this inspiring couple who found each other through the many trials and tribulations of the Vietnam war. In particular, the lady’s first husband was MIA (missing in action) for a year. I heard that term before, but […]

What shooting a 1 minute video has taught me

On Monday, I went with Terry to the Buffalo Bayou Park to film a promotional video for the VEL Institute’s Personal Development Course.  This was my first time filming so as is typical for just about everyone doing something new, I was very uncomfortable. So much so that I sent Terry a confirmation text the […]

No Sacrifice = No love

Monday morning I came across the following picture quote on facebook by Mother Teresa “Love to be real, must cost, it must hurt, it must empty us of self.”  Then I looked below and noticed the following comment “Mother Teresa was a sadist.” To be fair, when I first read that quote, I got a bit […]

How to take action like a Marine

Last week I went to a VEL Institute Keynote event where two retired Marines talked about their careers to date, mainly focusing on what made them successful. I took quite a bit of notes, and today I wanted to expand on a concept that I think is most relevant to where I am in life.  […]

Fantasies and relationship with God

Last week I attended a talk where the speaker said: “Our fantasies reveal that we haven’t entrusted our lives to the Lord.” At first, the statement struck me as odd. I mean, Isn’t imagining a future where you get the perfect promotion, kids or house something healthy? Something that will keep us hopeful for the […]