Why you want to show up in places that make you uncomfortable

Last weekend, I went to the Lone Star Veterans Association Community Leader orientation. Great event. Wonderful people. One speaker in particular said something I want to unpack: Show up in places that make you uncomfortable. So many angles I can approach this from. I’m gonna go with creativity. I went to  a lecture a few […]

Are people doing the best they can?

This Monday, Jessi and I were driving to South Carolina and on the way there we listened to a book. The author raised the question of are people doing the best they can? My wife hit a pause and we started answering this questions for ourselves. It’s not a simple answer, so I figured writing […]

Appreciating the heart growth

Over the weekend I went to an annual retreat that has a very special place in my heart. This is not only where I decided to start my business, but also saw my wife for the first time. It’s been exactly two years and so that round number created a desire in me to explore […]

Seek criticism, avoid flattery

Earlier this morning, I heard a homily where a priest mentioned that it’s better to be criticized than flattered. As someone who was overly criticized as a child, it surprised me that this statement resonated with me and so I wanted to spend a bit of time exploring why. For starters, wasn’t the first sin […]

Success is failure refocused

Last Thursday, I went to a VEL keynote where I heard two great entrepreneurs talk about their journey. As usual a ton of great nuggets, but the one I felt I wanted to explore further came from Debra Myers who said: Success is failure refocused. This phrase demonstrates the heart and mind synergies exceptionally well. […]

Making progress for God, not man

I’m continuing to work through the many thought provoking questions that came up during the Advance. One of the participants raised an interesting point about being in an accountability group: How do you make sure that you are making progress for God and not just to please the members of your group?  Very interesting question. […]

How to use deadlines to get to the heart

This past weekend I got an opportunity to help out with a Confirmation retreat for High School students. Close to 200 hundred participants and it’s pretty safe to say that at least half of them didn’t want to be there 🤣 By Sunday, when it came to giving testimonies, a long line of kids formed. […]

The day I became a man

I’m still processing my Advance experience. It was powerful… Last weekend 35 men came together, to come closer to God. Even someone like me, who is hungry for depth … I bit in so deep, that I am still chewing! One of the questions asked in a group setting was, when did you became a […]

How dog training reopened my heart

The day Britney bit me I was mad as hell. I mean, I was trying to pet her, yet she bit my hand so hard that I started bleeding. In my anger, I even considered taking her to a dog shelter. I knew that I was overreacting, so I dealt with it the best I […]

How to appreciate internal growth

I started a tradition, back in 2015, to write a letter to my parents on Christmas. The very holiday both of them passed away, 10 years apart.  What started as a call of desperation to deal with onslaught of negativity in my life, became an annual treat when I get to appreciate how much I’m […]