Melting away judgement: looking past labels

One of the most powerful phrases I came across during my coach certification was: “Nothing has meaning until you give it meaning.” For me specifically, the meaning came from a place of judgment as to whether the particular event fed my ego or deflated it. No, I wasn’t a narcissist. Quite the opposite actually. I’m […]

Measuring personal growth progress: burning the boat

About four months ago I came across the concept of “Burning the Boat,” which has occupied my mind ever since. The idea is actually quite simple; Pulling the trigger though, is anything but … particularly when it’s your first time doing it. I just went on Wikipedia and to my surprise I found a lot […]

Belief as a requirement to understanding

Recently I was listening to a CD course on my way to work in which the lecturer brought up St. Augustine’s concept of needing to believe first, before being able to understand. In other words: having your heart set right first, so that your mind can follow. This is so true, but yet so counter […]

Suffering vs self-inflicted wounds

Given that this was my first Lent season as a certified coach, I planted a seed in my head that I will want to reconcile for myself the crucifixion that is at the center of Christian tradition, and the stereotypical wellness advice that in a nutshell tells you suffering is a choice …. and not […]

You’ve already won mindset

While I’ll probably not be ever able to pinpoint the exact origins, it’s ok, because that’s not really relevant. For whatever reason though, I assumed that happiness can only flourish in the light of financial security. So just like plants need light, I am not denying that we all need to have our basic needs […]

I know nothing

Even as a huge fan of Socrates, it took me a while to really understand the method behind his “I know nothing” madness. I mean, can you imagine walking into a meeting at work and saying that? Or responding as such when somebody asks where you stand on Trump administration? It’s just so counterintuitive. As […]

Patience vs Impatience

As a recovering perfectionist, I’m still very much struggling with how to apply patience in my life. I grew up believing that you must have to lust after results 24/7, for if you don’t, someone else with more grit will come around and take it from you; Kind of like “Money never sleeps” from the […]

Measuring personal growth progress

From a very young age, I was attracted to numbers. If I had to guess, I’d say it was the empirical certainty that was so badly missing inside of me. In fact, I’ll never forget when I wrote my first piece of code where a computer did exactly what I told it to do. It […]