Still struggling to forgive God (Ep #63)

Henry shares how his 4-year-old son’s death left him still struggling to forgive God. Jacob’s situation was so grim that even the doctor cried when giving a prognosis. Two years of 25 days a month hospital stays, and multiple 14-hour surgeries turned him into a zombie. Please listen in as Henry describes how this trial […]

How to measure happiness

As my birthday approached this year, I had a conversation with my wife, which made me realize that I used to dread my birthdays. Why? I felt the pressure to show myself that with each increasing year on this planet, I had an increase in status to prove I’m on the right track. So, for […]

I’m not competing, I’m filling the gap

Most of us learn to compete at a very young age. Sports, school, clubs, to name a few. While some healthy competition is a great teacher, too much makes us go into the rivalry mode by default. I’ve been guilty. For example, sometimes I would say things not to advance the conversation but to show […]

Without God, healing won’t be complete (Ep #62)

Tammy shares how she learned that without God, healing wouldn’t be complete. After having a terrible argument with a teenage daughter, she woke up the next day and said to her husband: “I’m going to church. I’m taking my kids. You can either how with me and save our family or don’t, and I don’t […]

How to experience the exceptional

We have a strong tendency to go along with the status quo or default option. In fact, in the book I’m reading, “Nudge” writes about how whatever the default choices are, many people stick with them. How can we harness this power for good? Interestingly enough, what comes to my mind is Toastmasters. For those […]

I’ve got to be enough (Ep #61)

Tammy shares how she became obsessed with, “I’ve got to be enough.” She became the busiest unemployed person. In fact, Tammy became a pageant director. A broken person mentoring young women not to be broken! Please listen in as Tammy tells the story of how the internal box that allowed her to forget about molestation […]

Target for compounding growth

Our minds need a target. For when we don’t have a target, we aim mindlessly. Quite literally. Let me give you an example. An airport had a problem with men peeing too much on the floor and not enough into a urinal. The authorities made a correct assumption that the mess wasn’t intentional and a […]

No wasn’t an option (Ep #60)

Tammy shares a series of experiences that lead her to believe no wasn’t an option for her. Even though amazing parents adopted her, seven years of molestation led her to promiscuous relationships, rape, abortions, and an eating disorder. Please listen in as Tammy explains how the feelings of not belonging in her family resulted in […]

Reading the heart through the body

This week I dropped out of the Founder’s Institue program, and I wanted to take a bit of time to digest the lessons learned. First of all, the program was great, but it was also very fast-paced. I have a good idea, but my heart wasn’t ready to go into execution mode. At least not […]

Do I have what it takes? (Ep #59)

Tracy shares what helped him to answer the question, “Do I have what it takes?” He starts with a story of a donkey as an example of how to learn not only what we want, but also what we don’t want. Tracy also talks about how Jesus helps him to overcome childhood insecurities as well […]