How to appreciate internal growth

I started a tradition, back in 2015, to write a letter to my parents on Christmas. The very holiday both of them passed away, 10 years apart.  What started as a call of desperation to deal with onslaught of negativity in my life, became an annual treat when I get to appreciate how much I’m […]

Creating goals with heart

The goal season is upon us. I don’t know how about you, but I am already starting to get messages on social media reminding me about next year’s ambitions.  Part of me gets a bit stressed out. I mean, do I really have to do EVEN more or “punch the year in the face” to […]

Dream team stage crew

This Saturday I went to see the the backstage tour at the Alley Theatre. I’ve had the pleasure to see many plays there before, and I always wondered what it takes to make breathtaking productions happen.  I learned that for each actor, the theatre has 7 full time employees. Then many more seasonal contractors as […]