God introduces trials to purify us (Ep # 42)

Through drugs, crimes, prison Chris reflects how God introduces trials to purify us. He experienced God’s goodness, and he is on fire. Please tune in to hear how this very drive helped him to work his way up in the construction industry, find his wife Amber and overcome a slip-up. Chris finishes up by sharing how he applies his life journey to roasting coffee. Just like God did with him, Purefi coffee removes undesirable traits to reveal the perfect design. His goal is not only to bless the people who grow the beans, but also the community by hiring a part-time high school student for every full-time employee. Students who are on the fence and with proper guidance will flourish to embrace their identity in Christ.

To find out more, please go to https://pureficoffee.com

Heart for Excellence Episode #42: Chris Johnson (Part 3) with Trevor Ming and Marek Rudak

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