Grief is love with no place to go (Ep #36)

Andrew shares how he learned that grief is love with no place to go. Autistic kids have very specialized interests, which may seem odd to people but may turn into great careers. Now that he learned to channel his passions, Andrew is traveling with SkillCorps to Prague. He will bring evidence-based practices to the local clinics as well as classrooms, which will result in little miracles for the children. That very passion is what helps him to overcome social anxiety and fundraise. Andrew wraps up by sharing one of his poems:

When she bid you a last goodbye
Thought you’d never cease to cry
But when your wings no longer fly
That’s when I lift you on to mine
You would have melted in the sun
But I’ll fly you there and beyond
Empty your cup of grief my son
And soon you’ll find your joys have dawn

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Heart for Excellence Episode #36: Andrew Bennett (Part 2)

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