Success is failure refocused

Last Thursday I went to a VEL keynote where I heard two great entrepreneurs  talk about their journey. As usual a ton of great nuggets, but the one I felt I wanted to explore further came from Debra Myers who said: Success is failure refocused.

This phrase demonstrates the heart and mind synergies extremely well. Failure happens for two reasons. You either are doing something you’re not supposed to (i.e. it’s not your calling in life) or God is testing your resolve (i.e. you need to develop your skills in order to make His dream a reality). 

When you fail doing something you’re not supposed to it simply means that it’s not aligned with the heart, and so it’s a perfect opportunity to refocus your efforts onto something different. For example I was never really good at Exxon in selling my ideas to management. I didn’t do anything wrong per se. My heart simply wasn’t into it.

When God is testing your resolve, it’s a two part blessing. First, in failure you confirm to your logical mind that what you’re doing is actually your calling. Otherwise you would have quit by now. Second, failure helps you try something different to help you get better in bringing the dream that God placed in your heart to reality. For example, now I don’t “sell” my ideas. I express them, which gives me freedom to continually look for best ways to connect with people rather than manipulate them to get what I want … like I tried with Exxon management. 

That’s success. Leading from the heart and using the mind to find the right environment rather than letting the environment …. Stuff down the heart.

How do you view failure? How can you refocus to lead more from the heart? 


Don’t know how to get started? We tend to be very good at solving problems with our minds. However, when our romantic relationships suffer, we don’t feel fulfilled at work, or don’t have quality friends … it typically has very little to do with logic. It’s driven by a locked up heart.

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