The best place to start is to be humble

Last week I heard a speaker who talked about his journey from being fired as a Texas A&M coach, through loading up cattle to make ends meet, all the way to finally coming back to coaching baseball almost two years later. He said there are two types of men. Those who are humble or those who are about to be humbled.

That really made me think.

So many experiences from my life come to mind. 

Specifically I looked back to my times in the military. I wanted to make the most out of my Army career, so I volunteered for tough assignments like Infantry, Ranger school and an Airborne unit. Even though it came from the right place, over time me being proud of my efforts .. turned into pride. I started feeling that because I did all these things, I’m better equipped than others to lead and as such deserve more. I forgot that leadership is service. So even when I was successful, I wasn’t  fulfilled, because I was self centered. 

The lack of fulfillment at work humbled me. I learned that the badges on my uniform and bullets on my resume weren’t meant to entitle me, but increase my capacity to serve. 

As an entrepreneur, very few of my past accomplishments apply directly, so I get to see the mental benefits of being humble firsthand. When I’m humble I focus on how I can best serve, because I know that the only way to build a solid business is to not only fulfill my promise, but also to overdeliver. Every set back becomes a lesson and every small win becomes deeply appreciated. 

No it’s not easy, but no quality work out ever is. The soreness of my humbleness muscles reminds me that my love proficiency is growing.

How humble are you? Which area of your life would benefit from being more humble?


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