How to tell if you are thriving and surviving

The other day I was watching an interview with a successful entrepreneur who said that if humanity were a stock, he’d short it. Meaning, he believes humanity is on the path of self-destruction and only by pairing with artificial intelligence we can avoid the inevitable downfall.

Then he asked the interviewer what is the goal for humanity? The best answer the interviewer gave was going to Mars so that we can become interplanetary species and being inspired in the process perhaps. The point here being that according to the entrepreneur, we don’t have a goal for humanity.

Obviously much more was said. However, what I wrote above was plenty to get me thinking.

I think what disturbed me was two things.

The first one being that I am seeing more and more of technology being heralded as a panacea. While I do appreciate the technological advances I experienced even in my own life time, such as internet and cell phones, is elevating machines as an equal who can tell you what to do such a good idea? I mean we are in various ways slaves to technology as is, with unfavorable impacts to our relationships and health to mention a few …

The second one, going back to goal for humanity, I think this really is an allegory for what happens when we as a human race or individuals for that matter, in times of uncertainty, turn to what we feel gives us most explainable certainty. In this case, it’s technology. So let’s go back to the mission to Mars. I find it fascinating that the person who gave that example, was primarily focused on our survival in case we get hit by a potential asteroid, rather than making conditions on our mother planet better for the billions of people that live here today.

I’d argue then that the marvels of efficiency that come with technology can make us blind to what’s eternal.

Come to think of it, I think it really comes down to the question of do I want to thrive or survive? Technology is great for survival. To thrive, however, I want to step beyond the tangible and ask that which machines will never feel: what will bring more love into my life?

In which areas of your life are you surviving? In which are you thriving? How can you bring more love into the areas of your life where you are surviving? How can you keep yourself accountable?

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