Patience vs Impatience

As a recovering perfectionist, I’m still very much struggling with how to effectively apply patience in my life. I grew up believing that you must have to lust after results 24/7, for if you don’t, someone else with more grit will come around and take it from you; Kind of like “Money never sleeps” from the original Wall Street movie.

At the time, I had no idea what my values were. In fact, if you asked then what my values were, I’d likely respond with what I thought you wanted to hear. I wanted results but had no idea for who these results were for. Consequently, I found myself frequently bouncing from overdoing to vegging out on the couch, thinking what’s the point? If only I had this … or that? Why me? Essentially hoping the eventually something would stick to the wall.

By practicing the law of being and reconnecting with my core, I can finally say who Marek is. Marek is love, wisdom, and creativity (as a side note I wrote about love, but will write a blog describing the other two, because I believe that personal definitions are far more important than labels themselves). But how do you balance that out with action? I have a feeling that this will be a lifelong journey, but I figured writing some ideas out would be a great start.

I think the best thing to do is to stick to what you can control and release expectations of what you can’t. As such, I will become impatient with actions that are incompatible with my values. On the flip side, I will take the time to acknowledge and celebrate the feelings I get when my values are honored.

To make this more tangible, every night before I go to bed I go through the list of my values and visualize all the instances from the day that exemplified them. But I don’t stop at visualization alone. I go a step further and reconnect to the feeling I felt from that action. See feelings, among many other things, are information. When the action fits my value narrative and feels right … I know I’m on the right track.

Results, on the other hand, is where I am planning to be patient. I know it won’t be easy, and so I think writing this blog is a good start to keeping myself accountable.

What’s the point? Well, the point is that I believe that by walking the talk on our values we become magnets that attract the right opportunities into our lives. The very opportunities that might be hidden in plain sight of our expectation tunnel vision … opportunities that pass us by on a daily basis, because they know we are not ready for them … not ready for them just yet.

So what are you patient/impatient about? How well is that serving you?

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